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Quintessentially Private Members Club

About our membership

The world's leading Members-only concierge club, Quintessentially Lifestyle is your passport to the very best life has to offer. We offer two levels of Membership, recommended based on your specific needs and preferred level of personalised service. At any level, you will receive exclusive Quintessentially Lifestyle benefits including preferential rates with many hotels, upgrades when applicable, exclusive nightclub access and invitations to Member events to name but a few. Members at any level can utilise our specialist teams to obtain personal recommendations and bookings to restaurants, bars, sporting events, theatres. Quintessentially Lifestyle will also assist with the more mundane requests such as sourcing plumbers, electricians, baby sitters etc. Further details on each Membership level can be found below.

Levels of Membership

The Dedicated Membership

A must have for the frequent flier. Choose to upgrade your Membership to ‘dual’ status to ensure award winning service in up to 2 cities of your choice. Read more

The Elite Membership

We offer two variations of our most personalised, proactive & exclusive level of Membership; Global Elite & Bespoke Elite. Our most personalised, proactive and exclusive level of Membership. Read more

Member Testimonials

Quintessentially Lifestyle has a very large variety of members, and an even larger variety of request to deal with every day.  We asked some of our members what they thought of our services:

My Lifestyle Manager knows me well enough to anticipate my needs and get me onto various invite-only guest lists! All these things would take forever to do myself and some would not be possible without leveraging the Quintessentially Lifestyle network. By having Quintessentially Lifestyle at my side I am able to give 100% to my career as well as to my roles as wife and mother!  Dedicated Member since 2008
I used to struggle trying to do all these things myself, finding the right hotels, restaurants, flights and so on, but Quintessentially Lifestyle makes everything so easy I trust them completely. I’ve used them for over three years now and they have changed my life in a very positive way  George Boateng
Nottingham Forrest Footballer.
Member since 2009
Being a fan of great food, Quintessentially is always good for steering me towards the latest openings or squeezing me in on a last minute table at a new hot spot. Having been a member for so long I guess the team know me very well and will always find something great for me.  Bespoke Elite Member since 2009

The Elite Membership

Global Elite

Strictly by invitation only, the Global Elite level of Membership is our most personalized, proactive and exclusive level of Membership. This Membership is tailor made to suit your individual needs and requirements. We pride ourselves on discretion, access and exclusivity at our most prestigious level of Membership, including insider and expert information to get you what you want wherever and whenever you want it.

As a Global Elite Member you will be appointed 1 key Elite Lifestyle Manager, with access to a team of the most qualified and experienced Elite Lifestyle Managers around the world. These are our most experienced Lifestyle Managers and are overseen by Ben Elliot, Co- Founder. Your primary Lifestyle Manager serves as a "virtual" well connected lifestyle assistant with a global network at his/her fingertips.

Seamlessly becoming a part of your life, and getting to know your personal preferences through regular emails, phone calls and meetings, your Elite Lifestyle Manager will sync their calendar with yours, ensuring that you have first-hand assistance wherever you are in the world. At a moment's notice they can secure you access to an exclusive party, arrange an amazing event on your behalf, find you a referenced nanny halfway around the world, or make sure you have a car ready for you when you finish your meeting. Absolutely anything you need attending to – our Elite team always go that extra mile to ensure total satisfaction. Your requests are prioritised and access to exclusive events and tickets are always offered to our Global Elites before all other Members. This is for people who really want the most out of life.

Bespoke Elite

The Bespoke Elite Membership provides you with one primary Elite Lifestyle Manager in your city of choice, and up to an additional 4 Lifestyle Managers located in any territory where we have an office.  Your Lifestyle Manager will get to know your likes and dislikes and will proactively suggest events that you might like to attend and benefits that might be of interest. As a Bespoke Elite Member, your team of Lifestyle Managers will liaise with one another to ensure that every aspect of your requests are always delivered seamlessly. This is a useful Membership for those Members who travel frequently between 3-5 territories.

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The Dedicated Membership

Dual Dedicated

The Dual Dedicated Membership entitles you to have two dedicated Lifestyle Managers anywhere in the world where we have an office. Your two dedicated Lifestyle Managers will liaise with one another to ensure that your every request is fulfilled seamlessly. This has proven very useful for business VIPs and clients in the entertainment world who travel between two countries on a frequent basis, e.g. London, France, Los Angeles, Hong Kong.

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The Dedicated level of Membership provides our high-profile Members with a dedicated Lifestyle Manager in one territory of your choice. This is a personalized level of service where your Lifestyle Manager will get to know you and your likes and dislikes and will offer you access to events etc accordingly. Your dedicated Lifestyle Manager is available between the hours of 9.30am and 6.00pm Monday to Friday. After hours, your requests will be handled by our AskQ concierge team. It is useful for the frequent traveller as you will have one person dealing with your flights, hotel itineraries, restaurant bookings, and so on.

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