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Q London

Quintessentially London Team

Introducing the Quintessentially London team. Each member of our London team has years of experience and is an expert in his or her field, with a wealth of contacts and connections. All share a passion for quality wherever it is found and are committed to seeking it out for Quintessentially’s Members. Behind the doors of 29 Portland Place there are over 100 members of staff working to make the impossible become possible.

Aaron Simpson

Co - Founder / Group Chairman

Ben Elliot

Founding Director

Elizabeth Orizio

Global Customer Service & Training Director

Jonny Ward Manning

Ticket Specialist

Paul Drummond

Co - Founder / Group Commercial Director

Ian Neale

CEO Lifestyle & Travel Group Europe

Jon Scott

Finance Director

Anthony Brooke

Non-Executive Director

Matt McGinty

Elite Lifestyle Manager

Matthew Phillips

Corporate Business Development Director

Annastasia Skilakos

Head of UK Corporate Business Development

Aliona Muchinskaya

Director for Russia – New Business

Dan McBeth

Operations Project Manager

Lindsay Davis

Global Director of Partner Office Relations

Eusebio Echevarria

Global IT Project Manager

Charlie Maloney

Event Specialist Manager

Fred Quick

Deputy Editor

Ali Khan

Dedicated Lifestyle Manager

George Lilley

Head of Membership, UK

Antonia Hughes

Dedicated Lifestyle Manager

Jennifer Johansson

Bars & Clubs Specialist, UK

Ashraf El Sayed

International Elite Lifestyle Manager

Natalie Chassay

Restaurant Relations Manager

Catherine Mills

Head of Member Services

Martin Isbister

Tickets Specialist, UK

Chirag Shah

Dedicated Lifestyle Manager

Chrissie Ohly

Elite Lifestyle Manager

Helen Tootsi

Dedicated Lifestyle Manager

Laura Keane

Human Resources

Joana Correia

Human Resources

Robert Breaks

Head of Ask Q

Alison Peowrie

General Manager Quintessentially Lifestyle

Michael Cunningham

Membership Manager

Oliver Keating

Membership Manager

Sasha Baldwin

Elite Account Manager

Mark Chisholm

Elite Lifestyle Manager

Jascha Widecki

Elite Lifestyle Manager

Umber Salam

Head of Dedicated

Abigail Murgatroyd

Corporate Account Manager

James W Smith

Corporate Operations Manager

Natasha Hamilton-Ely

Global Account Manager

Julie Aiche

Corporate Russia Account Manager

Michael Costello

Business Analyst

Marta Corry

Dedicated Corporate Lifestyle Manager