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Editorial Director of Bloomberg Pursuits, Chris Rovzar, on Jeffrey Fashion Cares and gender-social issues

Robbie Guevarra of Quintessentially New York talks to the Editorial Director of Bloomberg Pursuits, Chris Rovzar, who oversees the luxury franchise across all platforms, including print, digital, TV and radio.


Three vintage champagne experiences to try this summer

Clos19, the social side of LVMH’s fine drinks portfolio, wants to bring you closer to the champagne producing region, with the help of Michelin-starred restaurants, sweet cello music, and maybe even a fighter jet.


From world-renowned party island to chic wellness capital – Ibiza reinvented

The party island of the Mediterranean has cleaned up its game. Sian Williams reports on how a break here is now much more likely to improve your wellbeing.


48 Hours in Barcelona

Extraordinary architecture, art, food and drink – and a love of fiestas - have been instrumental in transforming Barcelona into a world-class city destination that bears its Catalan heritage with pride.


Why you need to know about ‘the drop’ as a fashion consumer

Josh Sims explains why, in certain parts of the fashion industry, seasons are giving way to more instantaneous product releases.

Gold Cup Race

A very British Season

Britain’s annual Summer Social Season boasts a full schedule of prestigious events embracing the arts, music, horticulture, sports and royal occasions. If you have the time and energy, you can attend all the Season events in the same year - they’re conveniently designed not to clash.


Can a modern family portrait be frame-worthy?

The art historian Noah Charney runs through the best ways to capture your loved ones’ likeness.


An investor's guide to buying a castle

Wish you could live in a castle? Here’s how you could make your dream come true. Noah Charney runs through the options if you want to add drawbridges and crenellations to your property portfolio.


Super Tutors

From the ‘7+’ through to GCSEs, A-levels and university finals, the lead-up to exams can be tough for even the most diligent pupils. Here, Quintessentially’s education specialists offer some ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ to help students in any system worldwide who are facing revision.


How to dress elegantly for Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d’Este

Are you going to the world’s chicest classic car rally? Then you’ll need to look the part. Lauren Cochrane lays out a high-fashion roadmap.


Chef Nuno Mendes explains his supper club-style experience at Mãos in Shoreditch

Few chefs have had as much impact on the British culinary scene as Nuno Mendes, and his latest venture shows that his instinct for defining modern dining is as strong as ever.


Lady Alice Manners discusses the Maison de Saison pop-up

Quintessentially was recently in conversation with fashion model, stylist and columnist, Lady Alice Manners, who explained the concept behind her season-themed pop-up store, Maison de Saison, on London’s Savile Row…