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Harrods Gatsby Pop Up

May 15th 2013
As a young, self made man about town, one can quite easily imagine Jay Gatsby strolling the lavish halls of Harrods; so it seems fitting that the world’s most famous department store has used the upcoming film adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s American Classic to promote a Gatsby-inspired popup cocktail bar.

Although not quite as raucous as the parties in The Great Gatsby the launch event did manage to capture the spirit of the 1920’s, quite literally, in a glass.

Searching for the event, navigating my way through the magnificent warren like halls of Harrods, I felt as though I was hunting for a secret speakeasy. The search was all worthwhile when finally I descended into the art deco tasting room and wine shop. The first thing that greeted guests was the jazz band trio, who provide the perfect easy listening for the occasion, as well as a sound synonymous with pre depression America. This roaring twenties crypt certainly knows what drinks typify the period, with shelves stacked with Courvsisier, Hendrick’s and Johnnie Walker.

Moving through the pin stripes and seemed nylon tights guests were encouraged to enjoy a glass of champagne in the underground bar; a secret den of disrepute in which one could quickly forget where they were and even which era they were in.

My displeasure of being jolted out of my 1920’s day dream was quickly dissipated when guests were invited to try more Gatsby inspired concoctions.  With the twenties trio still paying in the background,  several engaging mixologists took to the bar to provide guests with various demonstrations on how to get the twenties alchemy just right, while providing an insightful commentary on both the alcohol they use and on the period that made the drink famous.

It was interesting to learn how whiskey used to be given on prescription; however I am not sure that doctors these days would agree on the medicinal benefits of a glass of Johnny Walker Black label.

That being said if you do want feel better, I would recommend visiting Harrods Gatsby pop up to enjoy a Courvoisier Brandy Crusta cocktail before it closes on 20th May.

Poppy Tullo

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