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Hosts With A Sweet Tooth

Hosts With A Sweet Tooth

September 24th 2014
When it comes to sweets, we all have a weakness and if it’s cookies…well, then you’re in for a treat!

Quintessentially Insider presents the Mason Jar Cookie Company – a group of people that re-imagined the iconic Mason Jar and made it a sensation as a stand-up pouch.

Simple and amazingly scrumptious, you’ll be baking cookies and eating them in no time. Both the Signature Glass Jars and Flexible SoftJar Pouches are filled with the right proportions of dry ingredients, and all that’s left to do is mix in the wet ingredients - including one egg, one stick of butter and optionally a little vanilla. Set your oven to 350F, hustle around your kitchen for about 12 minutes, and before you know it, 24 mouth-watering cookies will be coming out of the oven.
A step up from the box mix, but with all the convenience...
Some of the featured cookie blends include Chai Cappuccino – an exotic chai spice blend and smooth cappuccino and white chocolate chips, Triple Chocolate with semisweet, dark and white chocolate, and Salted Caramel that’s loaded with buttery caramel bits and accented with sea salt.

The company has expanded their selection, offering ready-to-make pancakes, brownies, granolas and more. Kids are a big fan and you can even have them create their own special blend online. Simply pick a base cookie flavour, add-ins and voila! It’ll arrive at your doorstep beautifully packed in a Mason Jar for you to bake at home. You can even personalise your jar adding your name or tagline making it uniquely yours.

A step up from the box mix, but with all the convenience, the Mason Jar Cookie Mixes are great gifts, party favours and even non-bakers would appreciate this gift.

Q Insider Tip: We love the Salted Caramel Cookie Mix and with the summer heat still lingering around, we recommend adding some ice cream for the ultimate ice cream sandwiches! Mix.Make.Mmmmm

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