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YAR - Live Music at Home. Haute Couture for Audio

July 20th 2017
You know that feeling when a really great song comes on at just the right time? Now imagine that song playing out in your room, only it sound like a live performance, as if the musicians were right there in front of you.You go through all the same emotions as you do at a concert and this is exactly what YAR is about.

In the beginning, founder Giancarlo Sopegno had a simple dream: to design a stand that would answer all the needs of music lovers obsessed with sound quality, transporting them right to the heart of a live performance.

To achieve the perfect range of sounds, YAR's founders initially spent time carrying out research in the woods, trying to capture the essence of Mother Nature's soundscape - the wind rustling through the leaves, birdsong, the crackle of branches underfoot and the sound of rain on the forest canvas. They worked hard to recreate the high of being at one with nature through a mix of high-end technology, uncompromising materials and pure functional design. The result is an audio system like no other; one that provides an indescribably natural, three-dimensional sound that puts the listener centre stage.

It took four years to develop a system that reaches the zenith of all audio experiences, a system that allows pure sound to flow naturally around the space it inhabits. YAR audio systems are handcrafted in Turin, Italy and take three months to perfect. Once a YAR is ready, it is extensively tested over a period of 200 hours, before being delivered and installed anywhere in the world by the same team who handcrafted it. In other words, YAR is authentic Haute Couture for audio.

Unlike the vast majority of audio brands, YAR can't be found in traditional audio retailers. YAR can only be experienced through one-to-one meetings at premium central London locations. In fact, the audio systems come with a supercar-like purchase experience (YAR is Italian, after all...).

Functional design and cutting-edge technology are the DNA of YAR's uniquely pure sound. The flawless results are down to excellent components and materials such as carbon fibre, developed by the world's most discerning certified suppliers across the high-performance automotive, aeronautics and space technology industries.

YAR's singular, bold design is a masterclass in recreating astoundingly natural, three-dimensional sound. Curved lines replace parallel surfaces to eliminate any internal resonance, the speakers 'disappear' and all that remains is the purest of sounds.

YAR's clients can choose from over a thousand combinations of chic aluminum colours, precious woods and carbon fibre patterns - there's more carbon fibre in a YAR system than in most supercars. Ultimately, only 100 lucky YAR's will be produced and each of them will be completely bespoke.

For further details on YAR Audio, or to arrange a one-to-one meeting at one of YAR's stunning London locations, please contact Quintessentially's gift sourcing team on gifts@quintessentially.com or call +44 (0) 845 224 2617. Interested in becoming a Member? Request more information

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