London HQ

Quintessentially's home base, the London office is the original, having first opened in 2000. Serving as the global hub, this location offers lifestyle management services to members across the UK whilst also being the primary location for additional services such as Quintessentially Travel, Education, and more. Catering to members across the globe, the London office is happy to provide the barometer of service for the entire Quintessentially brand.


Quintessential English charm

The capital of England, London, is a historical city that marries modernity with history. With a population of nearly nine million people, there is much to see and discover, from culture to food to art to music and more. Between the picturesque streets of Notting Hill to the iconic Big Ben, London is a city begging to be explored – our local team can recommend the best of what to see and do so not a moment is missed.

Offering memberships for individuals, businesses, and business and events services through our agency QX, London represents the most comprehensive range of Quintessentially's services. From access to the best members' clubs to tickets to art advisory, real estate, daily assistance, and more, we provide individuals with everything they need to maximise their lives. Businesses can tap into QX's strategy expertise and event planning or offer Quintessentially's concierge services to their top tier of executives.

Language spoken: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Ukranian, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese

Darren Ellis

‘Quintessentially is a brand that brings dreams to life. Our members will always come first, and we are dedicated to making their experiences, dreams, and fantasies come to fruition. For more than two decades, we’ve built relationships with industry leaders around the globe who assist with providing the best of the best; this is our enduring commitment to give each member the best of everything under one roof.’


How we've helped our members

'Quintessentially is responsible for my sheer existence. I could not do my job or live my life without them.'

- Member since 2009

'Quintessentially has become an integral and indispensable part of my life, both professional and personal; to such an extent that I no longer employ a personal assistant. I couldn’t recommend the firm or their staff highly enough.'

- Elite member

'My Elite lifestyle manager is like family to me, I feel like I have known her my whole life as she knows me so well. She never lets me down and is not reactive but proactive. She is never allowed to leave as I do not know what I would do without her. Whether its concert tickets, house repairs, travel, unique gifts, she does it all!'

- Elite member since 2009

'It is the smallest things that make the biggest difference, and I can always rely on Quintessentially.'

- Dedicated member

Local services

Restaurants & Nightlife

Socialising is the spice of life, and we rely upon Restaurants, Nightlife and Private Members’ Clubs to keep us stimulated.

Lifestyle Services

Comprehensive lifestyle management means relieving the stress of the day-to-day. Quintessentially’s Lifestyle Services enable assistance with everything from the practical to the banal, incorporating comprehensive management to alleviate the pressures of everyday life.

Exclusive Access

Experience the best the world has to offer, from access to coveted global happenings to personalised invitations, plus Quintessentially's exclusive events calendar. Available only to members, we offer experiences such as members' drinks, panel discussions, and more, plus benefits from some of the top global luxury brands.


Providing assistance in navigating the complex global education landscape, Quintessentially Education offers advisory services for students of all ages seeking many types of opportunities. A student-centric approach allows tailored recommendations and support – and ultimately, long-term benefits.


Introducing the ultimate travel resource. Quintessentially Travel specialises in bespoke luxury getaways; our dedicated global network of specialists unearths the most amazing destinations, curating personalised experiences for memories that last a lifetime.

Weddings & Occasions

We are expert at planning all types of events, big and small, from milestone celebrations to weddings to surprise destination-oriented happenings.

Real Estate

Specialising in buying, selling, renting and managing luxury properties, Quintessentially Estates accommodates members across the globe in all property dealings. Expertise and access enable seamless dealings and ultimate efficiency.

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