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Global Expansion at Quintessentially Estates

May 16th 2017
Global property buyers and vendors are continually faced with ever-changing environments, both personally and economically, and it is therefore only natural that the team at Quintessentially Estates has developed and adapted its services to meet these evolving needs. Our mission is to always be one step ahead, ready to service our clients' global requirements before they even realise they exist.

We have increased our global market share in the past few years, fine-tuning our offering for the sale and acquisition of prime residential properties in London, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Monaco, Portugal and Switzerland, in addition to our recent presence in New York City. Indeed, our Quintessentially Estates CEO, Penny Mosgrove, whose 17 years of experience as a buying and selling agent around the world have shaped her vision of the business sector, has spearheaded our plans for expansion in other international markets.

Penny Mosgrove, CEO at Quintessentially Estates, comments: "We deal with highly intelligent individuals, families and corporates and all of them derive from different business sectors and countries. It is often changes in their sectors that drives them and so it is our job to be aware of these economic factors and variations, whether it is political, economic, tax changes or big companies moving to other countries, we need to ensure we are aware of these movements and how they are affecting their local marketplace. In order to be successful in multiple markets, we cannot be linear in our approach and we must understand the world economy and its movements at the same time."

In complement to the dedicated Quintessentially Estates offices, Penny manages a referral network of more than 60 Quintessentially Group offices across all continents.

As preferences change and the idea of 'luxury' continues to evolve, so new destinations open up to discerning property buyers. We have witnessed a markedly increased interest in locations such as Miami, Canada, Germany and Australia, and emerging markets such as South America and India as well as mainland China, and we now work to expand our network accordingly to accommodate this growing network.

Penny Mosgrove, CEO of Quintessentially Estates, said: "Quintessentially Estates is solidly focused on identifying and increasing its international footprint, taking into account the local market potential as well as the wider investor market. There are two sides to a coin and this is also true for property, there are countries that tend to offer rafts of new clients, such as the Middle East and Asia, and there are countries that offer the desirable property stock, namely London, Portugal, Monaco and Miami, to name just a few. It is about ensuring we do the correct thing in each jurisdiction, one size does not fill all, and we tailor our offering to provide a bespoke service to each of our clients to suit the individual jurisdictions and their culture and economy. We understand the scope of the expansion needed to service the uplift in the needs of our clients and members looking for primary homes as well as investments in new international marketplaces. By increasing our presence globally, we can better service the growing needs our clients."

Our Global property specialist team is a highly experienced residential property buying company providing investors and owner-occupiers with a highly personal and meticulous service across all residential markets. We also
have access to a number of new developments before they hit the market and mine a number of other services ensuring we are a one-stop-shop, encompassing relocation, rentals, tenant sourcing, interior design, property management, home management and serviced apartments.

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