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April 11th 2017

World's wealthy opt for 'transformative travel'

Providing unrivalled access to locations off the beaten track and delivering exquisite tailor-made experiences – this is the lifeblood of Quintessentially's award-winning travel service. Whether you yearn to take a dog sleigh ride and see the Northern Lights in Norway, or spend time at an animal sanctuary in Indonesia, the travel specialists at Quintessentially can make it happen and they do – with the life-changing experiences they curate.

Talking to TTG Media, Jenny Graham, Director of Travel at Quintessentially has noticed a marked change in direction over the past two years. She explains how the "global elite" is now consciously choosing to make travel a more meaningful experience than ever before, illustrated by Quintessentially's UHNW members (Ultra High Net Worth) spending 55% more on "experiential opportunities in comparison to luxury goods".

While 2016 was the year for experiential travel with Quintessentially; this year sees transformational trips up the ante among families and couples.

"The world's wealthy seem to be focusing on self-reflection and development, including taking more agenda-driven, self-improvement trips," says Graham. Trends show a 12% increase in spa, nutrition and wellness-related requests and a 20% increase in educational experiences.

"We've seen a stark rise in people seeking out self-development, educational, challenge-style trips instead of hitting the beach for their holidays."

So what are the hotspots and life-changing moments we should be thinking about?

Lengthier vacations in France, Italy, Australia and Iceland proved popular in 2016, while many of coveted destinations are considered fragile or 'endangered', therefore requiring careful planning. The fact that these include the Great Barrier Reef, Venice, and even the Arctic Circle is no coincidence. The latter three are affected by devastating man-made damage and climate change – issues that are also prompting a push towards sustainable, socially responsible tourism among elite travellers. Never has luxury travel been more socially engaged and ethically responsible.

With an unrivalled network of global travel contacts, Quintessentially has access to services, upgrades, benefits and unadvertised excursions in the world's most stunning holiday destinations. Whatever your personal requirements, the travel team at Quintessentially can deliver flights, private aviation and yachts, as well as villas and extraordinary experiences. Global access and tailor-made experiences that will take you 'out of the box'. Get in touch with our Travel team for more information: info@quintessentiallytravel.com / +44 (0)20 7022 6560

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