You can apply to join Quintessentially on-line at by filling in the 'Membership Enquiry' form. We will then look at your application and get back to you within seven days..


Quintessentially provides you with a personal service, 24/7/365. We have an unparalleled network of contacts, allowing us to go the distance on your behalf. Whether it’s last minute restaurant reservations, priority access to exclusive events and preferred rates at the world’s finest establishments, arranging airport chauffeurs, last minute nannies or a fun packed weekend away – we won’t stop until we’ve made it happen. You can find all our exclusive ‘live’ benefits by clicking here (link to benefits page).


The terms and conditions can be found here.


The card is the means by which you will be recognised as a Quintessentially Member. Carry it with you at all times to ensure you take advantage of the all the unique privileges at your disposal.

Is there a person I can talk to?

Yes, if you are a member you can call 24-hour Assistance twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Your adviser is also multi-lingual.

Why did you choose the name Quintessentially?

Quintessentially is an adverb, taken from the word quintessence – “the pure concentrated essence of anything. Quintessentially is also a brand new company, created by a group of people who have an obsessive drive to discover the best, the quintessential, products and services. Our members are people who believe in uncompromising excellence and will recognise those standards in Quintessentially.”

Why is Quintessentially a “Membership Only” club?

Because we believe we can best serve those who share our commitment to excellence, members can only belong to Quintessentially by invitation or referral. Everyone who belongs is given a Quintessentially card that enables them to purchase products, services and experiences ranging from holidays, travel and entertainment to wonderful objects and accessories. These can be accessed through Quintessentially's website, and purchased either on the site or by phone.

Who would benefit from a Quintessentially Membership?

Quintessentially is of most help to busy, successful people who value the time saved and the convenience. They are people who value quality and service and can benefit from Quintessentially's closeness to the inside track and the breadth of its contacts.

Our site is designed to be easy to use, and our telephone service centre operates 24-hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. The operators are multi-lingual and Quintessentially Members will get a first-class personal service.

What products and services will Quintessentially offer that cannot ordinarily be found?

Quintessentially has brought together a number of different products and services most of which are currently on the market but which are usually complicated and time-consuming to source. Through our contacts and business relationships we have made it relatively simple for members to take advantage of these deals. One call or one visit to the website should be all it takes.

What are the vetting criteria to become a member?

Initially Quintessentially has, like any club, attracted members through word of mouth and referral. Clearly we will wish to ensure that potential members understand the value of the service we offer and will make proper use of it. The usual financial references will, obviously, be required.

What is the profile of the perfect Quintessentially Member?

People belong to Quintessentially for different reasons. We have a widely based and eclectic membership who value the range of products and services that Quintessentially offers. We have members from all social classes and income groups, all of whom have joined because they share our philosophy of quality, style and service.

If any products or services fail to meet a customer's satisfaction, should Quintessentially or the originators be contacted?

Quintessentially takes responsibility for managing its relationships with its members. If there are any problems, members should come back to Quintessentially and we will do our best to resolve them.

Who is behind Quintessentially?

Each member of Quintessentially's team has years of experience and is an expert in his or her field, with a wealth of contacts and connections. All share a passion for quality wherever it is found and are committed to seeking it out for Quintessentially's members.

Our staff now comprises over 700 people globally.