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February 6th 2017
Quintessentially, the wish-fulfilment empire, is here to anticipate your needs. Our address book gets you places others cannot reach. If you're flicking through the Sunday papers and come across a feature on Quintessentially, chances are the opening gambit will reference a sensational request. Although it's true we shut down the Sydney Harbour Bridge for a private wedding proposal, there's far more to a Quintessentially Membership than outlandish requests. We sat down with Membership Directors, George Lilley and Michael Cunningham to shed some light on why people really join Quintessentially and how we improve their lifestyle…

Who is the typical Quintessentially Member?

Michael: I wouldn't say there is a typical Member. All our Members are very different, with unique tastes, requests, preferences and backgrounds. If they have one thing in common, it is that they are ordinarily extremely busy. Our aim is to free up their time. We invite Members to events where they meet other Members with similar interests, whether that is art, fashion, music, sport, film premieres, charity or social events.

How do you approach someone who expresses interest in becoming a Quintessentially Member?

George: We try and gather as much information as possible about the person, so that we can demonstrate how we can assist them with interesting and relevant examples. Though there are trends in the types of requests our Members place with us, each Member has different needs and interests so it is important that we can demonstrate the personalisation from the start.

Since you joined, how has Quintessentially evolved as a service?

Since I joined in 2011 Quintessentially has expanded from 30 global offices to over 60 today. As our network has grown, our service has improved; the access we can offer is better than ever and our benefits locally and internationally are constantly increasing and improving. New teams of specialists are added constantly to help Members with anything they need. A lot of people know Quintessentially for restaurants, clubs and red carpet access, however, more and more we help with families, education, relocation and the everyday stressful inconveniences that occupy our Members' time.

Quintessentially offer three different Membership tiers. How do you ensure people join the correct one?

George: This is a very good question. Our role is to match the Member with the correct level of Membership based on the specific Member's needs. We make it very clear what can and cannot be accessed at the various levels of Memberships, and the operations teams have been fantastic in making clear what the benefits of each level are, and how they differ. We also try to match Members with a Lifestyle Manager who shares the same interests and has the experience they'll benefit most from.

Quintessentially was built on the ethos that anything is possible. In your experience are people more drawn to elaborate requests or everyday solutions?

New Members are always interested to hear about the unusual or extravagant requests other Members have made but it's not usually the reason someone joins Quintessentially. Not everyone wants a pet jellyfish! Our Members expect to get value from the Membership and be able to use it often. This is precisely why we try to understand their tastes and requests so closely, in order to proactively help them enjoy the Membership. I believe our exceptionally high renewal rates are proof of the value they receive.

What is the single most popular reason for joining Quintessentially?

George: Access!

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Michael: I really enjoy meeting our new Members. It's very interesting to discover how we can help and then rewarding to being able to introduce them to a Lifestyle Manager who they'll love working with. The Membership is meant to be fun and enjoyable and I like speaking with new Members about what they'd like to do more, and how we can help them do that.

Who is your longest standing Member and do most Members renew?

We still have a number of Founder Members dating back to 2000. Currently the renewals are over 80% for all levels of Membership which is a great testament to the service team.

Can you guarantee a potential new Member a last-minute table at the best restaurant in town?

Restaurants are our number one request and I have complete confidence in the team. I think if they can't do it, no one can! However, sometimes restaurants are genuinely fully booked and there is nothing we can do. If their choice of restaurant is fully booked, we would always return with a recommendation of a restaurant with similar food, atmosphere and price. A lot of the time Members prefer the recommendation as it is somewhere that they wouldn't have tried otherwise. Restaurants never like to have cancellations, so they frequently call us to let us know that they have room, which we can then offer to Members.

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