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How to dress elegantly for Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d’Este

Are you going to the world’s chicest classic car rally? Then you’ll need to look the part. Lauren Cochrane lays out a high-fashion roadmap.



Lady Alice Manners discusses the Maison de Saison pop-up

Quintessentially was recently in conversation with fashion model, stylist and columnist, Lady Alice Manners, who explained the concept behind her season-themed pop-up store, Maison de Saison, on London’s Savile Row…


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How does the Monaco Grand Prix stay ahead of the curve?

It’s motor racing’s most famous and glamorous event, but with its contract up for review in 2020, what does the future have in store for the Monaco Grand Prix? Could it really drop off the F1 calendar? Stephen Worthy investigates…


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The 71st annual Met Gala Ball in pictures

The 71st annual Met Ball in New York was themed as ‘camp’. Here’s a taste of who wore what.


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The Bauhaus in five classics

Want to understand more about the hugely influential German design school celebrating its centenary this month? Then take a look at this handful of designs…


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Summer Sculpting - New York Dermatology Group’s three-month solution for a beach-ready silhouette

Body positivity doesn’t have to be vain, or superficial. Feeling good about yourself and your body can help you turn your life around. Looking forward to summer - and beyond - with renewed confidence...



Why cigars are a way of life for Wingtip’s resident tobacconist, Karl Theobald

In our age of fast-paced change and ‘always-on’ living, private cigar clubs offer a rare refuge in which to slow down and unwind in the city. Wingtip in San Francisco has struck the balance between tradition and fun, creating the only private club in San Francisco with a smoking lounge indoors. 


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Global skincare experts share their secrets to perfect skin

Renowned dermatologists and plastic surgeons, who have all developed their own groundbreaking skincare lines, share their philosophies and thoughts on the best way to care for your complexion. They also explain the latest high-tech innovations that are even working on reversing the ageing process.  



A beginner's guide to dream garages

Pulled the trigger on that new Lamborghini? Now you need somewhere to park it. Stephen Worthy runs through the options at the higher end of the market.


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Vincent van Gogh’s British inspiration

Van Gogh lived in England as a young man for a few years at an important time of his life. He walked the streets alone, dreaming of the future. He fell in love with British culture, especially the novels of Charles Dickens and George Eliot. And he was inspired by the art he saw.


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Substance over beauty – Audrey Munson: the original supermodel and an enduring symbol for women’s rights

Once the most famous model in the US,  Audrey Munson's image appears all over New York City. And yet few know her remarkable story.


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Rock of Ages

In 2019, California's rock ‘n' roll heritage lives on in some surprisingly up-scale environments, as Alex Rayner reports.