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Five Questions For Big Mamma

The proprietors of new London favourites, Gloria and Circolo Popolare, talk to Quintessentially about their
budding empire and personal go-to’s.


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Unexpected Global Destinations For Eating & Drinking

For most, enjoying local food and drink are an integral part of the travel experience. But instead of simply eating and drinking wherever you go, why not plan an entire trip around enjoying a local specialty?


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What Is An Education Consultant?

If you're struggling with what decision to make regarding your child’s education, consider hiring an Education Consultant to advise on what’s best.



New York’s Most Beautiful Private Dining Rooms

In anticipation of the fast-approaching holiday season, we round up some of New York’s most distinctive and special private dining spaces for parties big or small.


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Natural Wonder: Islands In The Indian Ocean

Pondering an escape from grey skies and the impending winter? Explore the islands and archipelagos of the
Indian Ocean.


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Dinner & Music In London

If dinner out has lost its panache, visit one somewhere that offers a bit of entertainment alongside an excellent meal.


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Visit A Storied Winter Wonderland

Norway’s exceptional natural beauty is not the only reason to visit. Take a trip to Bergen, Norway’s second largest city, and the fjords to and experience adventurous activities, along with inspirational local cuisine and a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


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Lucian Freud: The Self-Portraits, at the Royal Academy

Quintessentially talks to curator Jasper Sharp about the inspiration and ethos behind the series of self-portraits by Lucian Freud, currently on show at the Royal Academy.


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NYC Marathon - Everything You Need To Know About Sunday’s Event

Excited about the NYC Marathon this weekend? We give you the lowdown on some of the race’s history and finest moments.


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48 Hours In The Picturesque West Village

Spend a weekend eating, drinking, shopping, and living like a New Yorker in the leafy westside of downtown Manhattan


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Get On The Train!

With new eco-mindedness, travellers have become more drawn to a journey by train as a way to reduce their carbon footprints. Our in-house travel team details an assortment of European journeys by way of London’s Kings Cross.


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Studio Visit With Chris Levine

Can you make art with light? Yes. Chris Levine shows us how.