Specialising in buying, selling, renting and managing luxury properties, Quintessentially Estates accommodates members across the globe in all property dealings. Expertise and access enable seamless dealings and ultimate efficiency.

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Quintessentially Estates is a global real estate group specialising in buying, selling, renting and managing luxury properties. Tapping into the vast global framework of the larger Quintessentially Group, we have unprecedented access that no other real estate company has.

Across the globe.

We offer a trusted consultancy to help our clients find exceptional properties worldwide for both rental and purchase. In turn, if you’d like to sell or rent your property, our level of exposure is unequalled.

Deep expertise ensures efficiency and value: providing knowledge on luxury properties globally, including purchases, sales, renting, marketing, off-market opportunities, and further real estate investments.

Buying and selling.

By fully understanding and anticipating a client’s current and future property requirements, we can target specific areas and property types, shortlisting on and off-market opportunities that closely match their lifestyle or investment needs and their financial objectives.

Our sales service is specifically designed to remove the uncertainty and stress of selling a home. We manage the entire process from initial valuation to completion and after-sales care.

Management services.

Whether managing a vacant property or assisting a landlord, Quintessentially Estates’ management services offer homeowners bespoke support to ensure things run smoothly whether you’re home or away.

Dedicated tenant management allows for greater peace of mind with everything from repairs to rent collection, providing complete service to relieve stress and accountability from the realities of renting your home.

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