Exclusive Access

Exclusive Access

Experience the best the world has to offer, from access to coveted global happenings to personalised invitations, plus Quintessentially's exclusive events calendar. Available only to members, we offer experiences such as supper clubs, members' drinks, panel discussions, and more, plus benefits from some of the top global luxury brands.

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Don't miss out: a membership ensures you experience the best of the best, from VIP access to the top global happenings to exclusive Quintessentially events to coveted benefits from the world's best luxury brands.

Quintessentially offers an enduring commitment to experiencing the best of the best. Maximising what life has to offer, members receive unprecedented access to coveted global happenings from sport to entertainment to art. Additionally, members receive exclusive invitations that provide access to the inaccessible: from private director-led screenings at Cannes to behind-the-scenes at F1 to the Serpentine Summer Party to off-hours viewings at Art Basel.

Bespoke Member Events.

In-house events offer members the opportunity to socialise and learn, while partnerships with some of the world's most coveted luxury brands provide benefits and exclusive access to collections, vintages, and more.

Entertainment Access.

The most coveted global entertainment celebrations, from the Oscars to Cannes: private membership opens unparalleled access to these exclusive events, in addition to private events hosted by Quintessentially.

Sporting Events.

Incredible access to exclusive sporting events such as The Masters, Kentucky Derby, F1 Grand Prix Paddock Club, World Cup, Super Bowl, and more – the best tickets, boxes, and suites.

The Supper Club By Quintessentially.

An exclusive benefit for Elite and Quintessence members, this signature dining experience brings together those who love good food. The series of intimate dinners features favourite chefs such as Tom Aikens and Nuno Mendes, celebrating the diverse variety of our ever-changing dining scene.

Restaurant & Bar Week.

Celebrating some of our most exemplary partnerships in the food and beverage industry, Quintessentially participates in Restaurant & Bar week, where Members are invited to share unique experiences with some of the most creative minds in the industry over meals, cocktails, and more.

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