Restaurants, Nightlife & Private Members’ Clubs

Restaurants, Nightlife & Private Members’ Clubs

Socialising is the spice of life, and we rely upon Restaurants, Nightlife and Private Members’ Clubs to keep us stimulated.

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Quintessentially’s in-house specialist teams ensure members consistently have access to the newest and the best, guaranteeing life remains far from boring.


Comprised of a global team covering each of our territories, our in-house restaurant specialists develop and maintain relationships with the world’s best chefs and restaurants – from trending hole-in-the-walls to Michelin star venues.

Quintessentially members receive complimentary champagne, cocktails, and dessert at some of the world’s most premier dining venues. Invites to exclusive in-restaurant events and private chef tastings, as well as meet-&-greets, allow special behind-the-scenes access.

The Supper Club By Quintessentially

An exclusive benefit for Elite and Quintessence members, this signature dining experience brings together those who love good food. The series of intimate dinners features favourite chefs such as Tom Akins and Nuno Mendes, celebrating the diverse variety of our ever-changing dining scene.

(UK only)

Restaurant & Bar Week

Celebrating some of our most exemplary partnerships in the food and beverage industry, Quintessentially participates in Restaurant & Bar week. Members are invited to share unique experiences with some of the most creative minds in the industry over meals, cocktails, and more.

(UK only)

Private Members' Clubs

Preferred consideration and access to private clubs across various categories, including golf and sporting, private social clubs, professional clubs, and recreational clubs.

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