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Delivering a Life of Luxury to the Super Rich

March 6th 2017

Josephine Moulds from The Times caught up with Quintessentially's Founder and Group Chairman Aaron Simpson to discuss delivering a life of luxury to the super rich; "We've sourced submarines for mega-yachts, so that people feel secure that they are not going to be torpedoed, James Bond-style, through to bongo drums on the back of a yacht in Monaco, when Phil Collins needed to play for a private party."

The insightful article explores the trend of HNWIs becoming less fixated on the old, heritage, luxury brands and how Quintessentially has adapted to this change. "At the entry level, we will be a reactive service, so you ask us for things, we deliver them to you." explains Aaron. "At the top of the tree, we get to know you very well, your Lifestyle Manager looks after two or three members, rather than, say, twenty to thirty at lower levels. We offer anything, anytime, anywhere, as long as it's legal and moral."

Read the full interview at The Times

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